• The client needed a tent for all of the vendors but wanted something that would make a statement and allow for a grand entrance. We built a 15m x 95m with a 15m x 15m Arcum on 8m (26’ tall) legs in the center for a unique and impactful look. Their marketing team developed vinyl decals to place on all of the glass panels of the Arcum. The graphics on the glass then flowed outward to tie into the banners on the rest of the tent on standard 4m legs.

• For their registration tent, the client wanted an eye-catching design to make all of their guests feel like they were VIP. We built a 10m x 22.5m tent with all glass walls and a clear top. The front 22.5m was left open for guests to use as the entrance. We made custom stairs and turfed them to seamlessly transition into the floor of the tent. Custom concrete covers were made out of wood and covered with turf just like the stairs to create a seamless effect and plants were added on the anchor covers.

• This job had a very tight timeline for install and tear-down and required two crews, one day shift and one night shift. We had three days to install the 15m x 95m, and two days for the 25m x 25m and 10m x 22.5m. We had 28 hours to tear down the 15mx95m and another 24 hours to tear down the other two tents.

Date: October 17-18, 2018
Location: In front of Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and in Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco, CA
Size: 15m x 95m with a 15m x 15m Arcum on 8m legs (50’ x 312’; 15,600 sq ft); 25m x 25m (82’ x 82’, 6,724 sq ft); 10m x 22.5m (32’ x 74’, 2,368 sq ft).