Shell's – Make the Future Event

• The tents we constructed for this event featured both glass walls and cassette walls and custom decals on roof panels and both gable end.

• Some surfaces had high elevations which required a leveled Losberger floor system. We also installed ADA-compliant ramps and Steeldeck ramps/decks with guardrails.

• We installed high bay lights throughout the tent.

• Safety on this job site was a top priority with the client and the crew was monitored at all times. The client required Risk Assessment Methods (RAMS Documents) that had to be followed at all times throughout install and tear down. We also dealt with high winds and rain during the install.

Date: April 3-6, 2019
Location: Sonoma Raceway, Sonoma, CA
Size: 50m x 100m; 10m x 45m; 10m x 50m