• This tent was an experience tent for kids to go into the world of Small Foot the movie, used as a marketing event for the movie premiere.

• We created custom printed vinyl tops with the Small Foot logo and the Yeti and installed a fully functional elevator inside the tent, as well as two sets of stairs, a video tunnel and a slide to get down from the second floor. We also provided a high-powered AC unit to make the tent extra cold to simulate the movie’s snowy environment.

• To build this double-decker tent in such a tight area we had to strategize how to load in and out, where we could fit items, and how to work around other vendors. Ultimately it came down to managing a layered schedule with all the vendors. For example we would have to set the tent, then lighting would come in, then we can do the floor, then install the slide, etc.

Date: August 11-September 14, 2018
Location: Parking lot on the corner of Vine Street and Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, CA
Size: 20m x 30m x 8m, two stories (66’ x 98’ x 26’, 6,468 sq ft for bottom level and top level and 2,304 sq ft for top floor)