Superior Service with the Best Resources

Founded in 1991, Celebrations Party Rentals has operated under the simple philosophy of ensuring our clientele never has to compromise quality and our employees always provide superior service with the best resources. As the market has changed, we have pivoted and developed into a full-service infrastructure and event construction company launching our new subsidiary, Venues & Event Solutions, a CPR Company. Not only do we meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients with our top-of-the-line inventory and high level of customer service, but we are nimble and innovative, setting higher standards and expanding our products and services as we anticipate industry changes. Celebrations got us here and will continue to set the pace and standards in the local market. Venues & Event Solutions is moving the industry to the next level.


In-House Talent for Every Task

Our base of operations in Roseville, CA is housed in 200,000 square feet of warehouse and office space, serviced by 200 full-time employees with over 35 delivery vehicles. We employ staff for every client’s needs, from in-house designers and project managers to truck drivers, warehouse teams, installers, laborers, manufacturers, fabricators and cleaning crews. This allows us to ensure seamless integration on every project, from inquiries, bids and sales calls to contracting, billing, logistics, installation, operations and removal.

Site Safety

Highest Industry Safety Record

Safety is at the forefront of everyone’s responsibility at Venues & Event Solutions. We maintain an impeccable safety record, one of the highest ratings in our industry. We partner with our manufacturers to ensure that we meet and exceed all Building, Fire, Life and Safety codes. Our mod rate for workman’s compensation is one of the lowest in the industry. All of our install team members hold certificates to operate heavy machinery, and all employees receive ongoing safety training.