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ModTruss | Design, Build, Reuse

What is ModTruss?

ModTruss is a highly adaptable system with an incredible array of component parts (pulleys, wheels, hinges, rigging, telescoping parts, stairs, etc.) that allows unlimited creativity in each build.

Applications of ModTruss

  • Staging and scaffolding
  • Sports and active lifestyle, obstacle courses
  • Temporary construction
  • Trade show booths and displays
  • Experiential marketing builds and displays
  • Film, broadcast, theater and music sets, stages, etc.
  • Audio, visual
  • Aerospace

Why is it so great?

  • Schedules matter on projects and its quick and easy to assemble and tear down
  • As a modular product it has been specifically designed to able to layer components together to meet engineering and load requirements
  • It is sustainable and it is manufactured in the USA

Venues & Event Solutions has access to a large inventory of ModTruss’s diverse product line. Whether you need a simple stage, scaffolding, or a complex structure that can be skinned, our crew can make it possible with ModTruss.

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